Do you have trouble remembering special dates like birthdays, vacations, wedding anniversaries? To find out why, let’s see what dates we can remember and which ones we can not:


Everyone can remember their own birth date even if most of us have trouble remembering the actual day of our birth!

So, why do we remember our birthday?

Well, presumably it’s because we celebrate it every year with our family and friends, and is a key part of each shape we complete. If we forget our birthday, we could never get a passport or driver’s license, get married, buy insurance, go fishing … you’ve already had an idea!

Holidays and other celebrations

Most of us can remember these holidays and celebrations:

  • Christmas day: December 25th
  • New Year’s Day: January 1
  • National & # 39; Birthday & # 39 ;: eg US Independence Day USA: July 4, Canada Day: 1st of July
  • Valentine’s Day: February 14th
  • Day of remembrance: November 11th

Why do we remember this? Well, they are rooted in tradition, they fall on the same date every year and, for most of them, we are rewarded with a day off from work!

Most of us celebrate other festivals and religious festivals, such as Easter and Thanksgiving. These events are important for us from the spiritual, emotional point of view or simply because we have the day off to share with families and friends! We know approximately when they occur but, as the dates vary every year (for example, the first Monday of September), very few of us know the actual dates.

Birthdays and anniversaries of other people:

Most of us can remember birthdays for those who are close to us: family members, close friends, spouses. But it becomes increasingly difficult as the relationship weakens and most people turn to calendars and Facebook to remember their friends’ birthdays. As for other people’s wedding anniversaries, these are quickly forgotten and are not traditionally celebrated by people who are not members of the family, except perhaps the 1st, 10th, 25th and 50th.

Why do we remember some dates?

Based on this research, it seems that the reasons why we remember certain dates are:

  • Repetition: The event falls on the same date every year
  • Duration: The longer we have been celebrating an event, the easier it is to remember it
  • Importance: How important is the event and what is the penalty for forgetting?
  • Tradition: The event is religious or part of popular culture
  • Celebration: The more people who participate, the more likely we are to remember
  • Reward: Receiving gifts or missing work seems to improve memory!

Wedding anniversaries should be memorable

A wedding anniversary seems to meet almost every criteria for a memorable event. It falls on the same date every year, it is traditional to celebrate and receive gifts. It is the most important date in a relationship and many say it was the happiest day of their lives. Not only that, but the penalty for forgetting can be quite severe!

Why men can not remember their wedding anniversary?

I suspect it has a lot to do with:

    • Duration and repetition: By definition, we do not start celebrating wedding anniversaries until after we get married, so it’s a new date for us and it takes time to take root. So, if there is good news, it is that the longer we remain married, the more likely we are to remember!
  • Support for: Also, if we forget, we have to trust our friends to remind us. So, for men, that means having to trust other men to remember their wedding anniversary. Imagine the possibility of that!

I also think it would help if:

  • They gave us a day off to celebrate our wedding anniversary
  • We had to use our anniversary date on all government forms
  • Our friends would help us remember by celebrating with us
  • We receive thoughtful gifts to show that we are appreciated

Celebrate your anniversary!

I am proud to say that I have never forgotten my wedding anniversary in thirty years of marriage, and I am sure there are many more men who have a similar history. Similarly, I’m sure there are some women who have occasionally forgotten their anniversary. Regardless of your past record, you can correct it in the future.

So, if you have trouble remembering your wedding anniversary date, you are not alone! Find it, write it on a calendar or set up an electronic reminder.