If you’ve ever wondered why some men seem to have all the girls who chase after them and you do not, then you might want to keep reading, because dating experts Rob Robge and Bobby Rio have revealed the secrets of what they call the encoder. The technique, which according to them can greatly improve a man’s chances of dating beautiful women. Here is how the Scrambler technique makes use of what is called the persecution reflex and how it could be able to help men to be more successful when dating women.

Rob Judge and Bobby Rio believe that men who succeed in dating women do what they do naturally and do not even realize they are doing it. They are using the reflection of persecution, although they do not know it, in their entirety, and dating skills really boil down to effective communication. Here are the four main areas in which the Scrambler technique is focused.

Creating a feeling of uncertainty.

The first technique to learn is how to create a bit of mystery about yourself. It seems that women are a challenge, so do not waste everything on yourself the first time you meet a girl, and then she’ll want to meet you again so she can find more information about you.

Show the power

As soon as you have the opportunity, you must show your strength of character and take control of the situation with a woman. By showing him that he can take charge and take the initiative, he will go a long way to earn the respect of a woman. If you allow a woman to take the initiative in everything, you will quickly lose that woman’s respect.

Do not look for validation

According to Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, this is one of the areas where many men are wrong. You should not seek to obtain validation from a woman, because that will make you look like you are in need. What the dating gurus say you should be doing is trying to make her become the one seeking validation. This will help keep her interested in you and, maybe, even start making you chase her.

Build anticipation

The final part of the Scrambler technique refers to the construction of anticipation, which is done by developing more of the points mentioned above. That means developing the interest a woman has in you to the point where you can take things to the next level with confidence, without losing the possibilities!

There is no doubt that some people simply seem to have the gift of dating and not everything is reduced to appearance or money. Maybe he can learn to be better at attracting women, just as he can learn how to improve in most things. If that is true, then a course in dating and relationships would certainly be beneficial for some people. What is certain is that something like this will need a lot of effort on the part of the student. Certainly, there is no magic pot that makes a man instantly attractive to women, regardless of what the body spray makers would like us to believe.