When two people meet and start a relationship, both can have their own lives. There will be how a person likes to spend in their life and then it will be how the other person likes to spend their life.

By being together, certain parts of their lives will naturally change, while there will be other parts that will not. What is clear is that they will not have as much time as before to focus on certain needs, and this is because they will spend a certain amount of time with the other person.

Adding something different

Still, this does not mean that being in a relationship will be something that will have a negative effect on their lives. You may have to set aside some things and you may not have as much time as before to do certain things, but being with the other person will allow you to meet needs that were not previously satisfied.

There will be physical needs that can satisfy, as well as emotional needs. They may even be at the stage of their life when they are ready to start a family, so this is another need they can meet.

Healthy dependence

And, through having someone in their life they can depend on, it can make it much easier for them to achieve their goals and be the best of themselves. The support that the other person gives them can allow them to get to things they would not have looked for before.

What comes down to this is that no one is their own island; They need others to function in the best way. Ultimately, these two people will be a team, and this is what will allow them to be stronger together.

Two parts

That said, if they did not have their own life, along with what they do together, this would not be the case. That is why it will be essential that they make sure that they do not neglect the things they were doing before they met, that is, of course, unless it is related to something that is no longer adequate.

Their relationship will be added to who they are, which will give them the best performance when they are not together, and what they will do when they are not together will be added to the relationship. Both parts of your life are going to be important.

A key part

If they could not continue paying attention to other areas of their lives, their relationship would be radically different. But the reason they can focus on other areas of their lives, even if they are with someone, is probably due to the fact that they have good limits.

They will both know where they start and end, and where the other begins and ends. This will allow them to maintain their sense of themselves, while they can share who they are with the other person.

Another scenario

This does not mean that they will never lose who they are; what it means is that this is not going to be the norm. While that is how some relationships will be, there will be many others that will work differently.

There will be relationships where a person ends up doing what the other person wants them to do, along with what they think they want them to do. At the beginning there would have been two individuals but, with the passage of time, this would have changed.

Out of contact

One of them will act as if it were no more than an extension of his partner. Your partner will not be another part of your world, they will be the center of your world.

Your behavior will have changed gradually to suit the needs of the other person, and this will naturally cause them to be neglected. Then, as the days, weeks and months passed, they gradually moved away from their true selves.

The main objective

Their main priority, once they met this person, could have been to do everything possible to please them. It is likely that this was something they were not fully aware of.

Pleasing the other person will have made them feel good at the beginning, however, there is a possibility that their emotional state has changed as time goes by. When you are with this person, you may be used to feeling trapped, helpless, helpless and angry, among other things.

What’s going on?

What it is likely to show is that they believe it is not safe for them to be who they are when they approach another person. Disconnecting from who you are and focusing on the needs of another person is what you will feel safe.

As an adult, it can be difficult to understand why this would be the case; after all, it is not as if they needed this person to survive. Hoverer, the reason why they behave this way as adults is likely due to what happened during their early years.


It may have been a time in their life when they had to focus on the needs of their caregivers, regardless of their needs. If they had not done this, they could have been abandoned or even harmed.

Being treated this way would have prevented them from developing a strong sense of self. In addition to this, I would have made them believe that they need to focus on the needs of other people in order to survive.


Behaving in this way would have kept them alive as a child, but now that they are adults, this makes them suffer unnecessarily. Your needs are as important as the needs of others.

If someone can relate to this, they may need to get assistance from a therapist or healer.