While some people may leave a relationship once it ends, there are others who can not. When someone can let go, they will be able to follow and embrace the present moment.

However, if you can not do this, you will not be able to continue and live in the present moment. Based on this, it is clear to see that letting go is the best option.

A gradual process

Even if someone can let you go, it does not mean that this will always happen immediately or that you will not experience pain. There is a possibility that a part of them wants to wait, but another part of them will have an important role in their progress.

The time it takes to leave a relationship may depend on how close they were or how long it lasted. And as time goes by, the bond they had with another person will gradually come to an end.


On the other hand, this will not happen when someone clings, and while this might be because they were close, this might not be the case. It could have been a relationship that was not in their best interest and that might not have lasted long.

In this case, it’s a good thing that it’s over, and they’re in a position where they can find someone that is a better combination. If they had a special connection with the other person, it would be easier to understand why they still cling.


Ideally, they will face the fact that the relationship is over and even if they had something special together, this is all in the past. Each part of them may be holding and they will not feel the need to move on.

This does not mean that they will not feel any pressure, and this could come from the people in their lives. They can tell you to forget about the other person and move on, and although this might have an effect at that time, it could end up falling on deaf ears.


However, just because someone can not continue does not mean that they do not want to do it. What you are likely to show is that you are experiencing internal conflict, and this prevents you from changing.

When people tell them to keep going, it will coincide with what they say to themselves. They have the need to move on, but another part of them will not allow them to continue with the rest of their lives.

Head over heart

It could be that your heart is still united, and this is in direct opposition to your head. This part of them will be aware of what happened in the past and what is happening now.

And because your heart is holding and your head is telling you to let go, it could cause you more pain. There is the pain that you are experiencing in your heart and the pain that you are experiencing when you can not let it go.


When someone does not want to let you go, chances are you have moments when you imagine having the other person in your life again. This will give you two options: feeling depressed when you face how you feel or feel good about fantasizing about what will happen.

And since the first option makes them feel bad and the second option makes them feel good, they will feel the need to do everything possible to avoid facing reality. The above scenario can also occur when someone wants to let go, but in this case, there is likely to be a greater willingness to face reality.

Going forward

If someone has the ability to move on, once a relationship is over, it could be because they have a healthy relationship with their emotions, and this prevents them from carrying emotional baggage. As a result of this, the end of a relationship is not going to trigger painful emotions from the past.

When they experience loss, they will face their pain and let themselves cry. By doing this, it will be easier for them to leave relationships that are not satisfactory, and when they are, the pain they experience will not be supported by what has remained in their past body.

Holding on

However, if someone finds it difficult to move forward, it could be because they do not have a healthy relationship with their emotions, and this causes them to carry emotional baggage. Once a relationship comes to an end, they may end up being overwhelmed by a feeling of loss.

When their relationships come to an end, they can stop being in mourning, and while this allows them to feel better in the short term, the pain they avoid will be trapped in their body. Then it will not matter what kind of relationship they had or how long it lasted because the end of the relationship will unleash their grief not lost from the past.

Going through the pain

Clinging to a relationship is a way to avoid the pain that is inside them, and if this pain has accumulated over the years, it will be normal for someone to behave in this way. However, in order to be released, they must face the pain that is within them.

This is not something that will happen by force and someone just can not get over it & # 39; The only way to really let go is to go through the pain, and this means that one will have to surrender to how they feel.


It will be important for them to scream the pain that is with them, and when this happens, they will gradually begin to let go. There is no set time for this and this is partly because this is not a linear process.

This is a process that can be carried out with the assistance of a therapist. The main thing is that someone is allowed to mourn the pain that is inside them and does not give up.