One of the best inspirations for any young couple that has just started is the long and loving marriage they see around them. It is a wonderful idea to honor couples who have been married for a long time as the brilliant examples they are. There are some great ways to do it as part of your wedding celebration.

Sometimes the couple will have a partner, usually grandparents, who have been married for many decades. This type of love relationship is what marriage is about, and the couple may want to find a way for grandparents to know what inspiration they are for. You can do it privately or turn it into a special part of the ceremony or reception of your wedding.

A very nice way to pay tribute to your grandparents is to use a detail of your wedding in your own celebration. For example, sometimes the bride wants to wear the same kind of flowers in her bouquet as her grandmother did many years ago. You can include a note about it in the wedding program, something like: “Sarah’s bouquet is a replica of the one worn by her grandmother, Mrs. John Harkin, when she was married on June 13, 1941.”

If your grandparents are going to celebrate a wedding anniversary at the time of their own wedding, you may want to be a more important part of their day. This would be especially good if you are celebrating one of the great stone anniversaries, such as the 15th. Towards the end of the dinner scheduled at the reception, the bride or groom could announce that they would like their guests to join them to celebrate a very special event. Ask your grandchildren to join you at the main table, and announce to your guests that they are having a great anniversary (it would be a good idea to prepare a short speech). A small cake in his honor would be a very nice gesture.

Newlyweds may also consider presenting their grandparents with a small gift in honor of their anniversary. For your grandmothers, wedding jewelry is always an excellent gift. The traditional gift for the fifteenth anniversary is gold, so think of something like a gold medallion with a picture of grandparents on one side and newlyweds on the other. You can bet that your grandmother will appreciate any gift you give her, but especially something as sentimental as jewelry presented at your wedding.

One of the funniest ideas to recognize and celebrate long marriages and anniversaries is done as part of the dance at the reception. After the bride and groom have their first dance and dances with their parents, have the band leader invite all married couples to go to the dance floor for a special dance. After a few moments, you can say that only couples married for one year should remain on the floor. Then only couples were married for five years, then ten years, fifteen, twenty, and so on. Occasionally, you will reach the couple at your wedding that has been married longer, and everyone can give them a great round of applause. This is something really fun to add to your reception, and you’ll be surprised how many lasting marriages there are in your family.

Taking the time of your wedding to honor the anniversaries of your loved ones is a beautiful way to add more meaning to your wedding. It is a wonderful reminder that true love can last a lifetime. Celebrating the long marriages of your family members is also a great way to keep the focus of a marriage wedding, which is right where it belongs.