One thing you can do to increase your chances of finding love online, or to meet a man or woman who shares your life and your love and makes you happy, is to write an excellent profile.

A profile that excels will intrigue some women and make them want to discover who can offer them the type that is behind that profile.

Consequently, here are some examples of online dating description for men to help you in that regard, if you are a man.

1. Let women know what you love and why you love them

Show what you like instead of just saying it or just saying it. It will give the women who visit your profile the impression that you are an interesting, communicative guy who likes to have fun. The research also shows that showing what you love makes women feel that you are an adventurous kid who can make them have fun and that they are more likely to send you a message so you can connect.

Also, let the women know why you love what you love. It will give you a deeper look into who you are and it will make your profile look much more interesting.

So you can write: “Last Saturday morning, I was a little bored in the house, so I picked up my swimming clothes, went to the Kumasi swimming club, where I live, I put on some blue jeans and a yellow shirt when I got there, and I jumped right into the pool … Ooooh, the water felt so good on my skin! This is how I spend my weekends, it helps me stay fit and healthy, and it helps me keep my 6 foot frame shape. ”

2. Let them know your idiosyncrasy

If you want women who see your profile to know you well so they can know if they can connect well with you, share things about you that many men will not dare to share. For example, share some of your peculiarities and strange behaviors and strange things that you do when you are alone in your room or when you are with your friends. It will make your profile look unique.

For example, if you love watching movies, you can write: “I enjoy watching suspense movies most of the time, but sometimes I also watch romantic or fantasy movies. You may never have heard this, but do you know that I enjoy watching these movies? ? ” When I’m wearing my shoes? Even if I’m in bed, I enjoy them better when my feet are covered. It’s funny, is not it? I think I’m kind of a weirdo, but that’s me. And I can assure you that you will enjoy watching a scene of suspense in a thriller with me. I scream and scream when the antagonist is on tiptoe to put out the victim’s life … “and so on.

Or, you can share how you feel when your sister gives you a hug or what goes through your head when you wake up in the morning. Things like that will tell a woman that you are an open man who is ready to share intimate information with her and who will trust you more.

As a result, a woman who visits your profile may think, “Wait a minute! This guy does not seem like the others I’ve met on this site … What else has become fashionable? Let me contact you and find out!”

3. Do not concentrate on what you do not want, but on what you want

Proving that you are a positive man can make you earn a high score in the eyes of women on the dating site. You can make women know that you are positive when you tell them the kind of woman you want and not the kind of woman you do not like.

For example, instead of writing, “I love watching thrillers, if you know you do not like thrillers, do not contact me,” he writes something like “I’m looking for a woman who loves to watch romantic movies, read Romance Novels, but who does not mind watching thrillers too! This will make you look more friendly and sociable.


In this article, I have shared with you examples of describing online dating for men. You can make these profiles great if you give details about what you love and why you love those things, peculiarities that will make women feel like a real man and what you want in a woman.