Giving presents is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. Whether birthday, graduation, to get a new job or show gratitude, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year or anniversary, a gift is a representation of the love, care and appreciation that the giver feels for the recipient.

What factors to consider when choosing a wedding anniversary gift for your spouse

Finding a gift for your partner can be quite complicated at times. After all, a wedding anniversary is not an ordinary event, since each milestone means the amount of time you have been together as a married couple and the wealth of experience that you both shared.

Below you will find a quick guide on the factors that will help you determine what type of gift is ideal for your spouse on this special day.

1 Base on the number of years you’ve been married. Is this your first year? Give him a gold bracelet and record it with something like “For my lovely [wife’s name] in our first year, with a lot of love [your name]”. If it’s the second one, surprise her with two things: invite her to a dance and jazz music date, and pick her up with a garnet necklace to remember the night. If it’s the third, how about a trip out of town to three of your favorite cities?

2 Base in your wedding Is there something wrong during that day? This is the perfect opportunity to correct whatever was not right then. Suppose you have a strict budget so that was a civil ceremony then. Why not plan a formal event this time and do a renovation at Rockwell Tent, for example? Do it as if you were tying the knot again, complete with the service and all the catering services afterwards.

3 Base it on the subject. When it comes to anniversaries, you can take a page from the book of traditional or modern themes. For example, wood is traditionally given every five wedding anniversaries, while cutlery is a contemporary or modern alternative. The same applies for the thirtieth celebration, where the pearl is for the first and the diamond for the second.

4 Base it on the promise they made while they were still new couples. Was there a time when you were weaving dreams about what you both would do when you get married? How to give the garden of your dreams or travel together to the most romantic city in the world? Why not keep that promise during your anniversary?