Celebrating 25 years, 30 years or 50 years? Do it right with a dance band that keeps the bodies moving!

If you’ve been married for 35 or 40 years, you probably danced to the Disco Era at your wedding … Why not revive the memory?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the Saturday Night Live jokes about white suits, disco balls and those disgusting polyester bell-bottoms, but have you also heard of all the fun and excitement of dancing on a dance floor? illuminated?

The excitement prior to the album came with the best Rock and Roll the world has ever offered, with decadent, memorable and “cantables” melodies for which everyone knows the words. You can sing with the bands that came before Disco, and dance all the songs.

With all the excitement about healthy activity, one of the most exciting and fun ways to get around is through dance. What better way to celebrate the years you spent together? Bring the dance bands!

The most recent years have brought an affection for the flappers, the music of the big band era and the dance styles of the 20s, 30s and 40s with songs from the era of our grandparents. Celebrating an anniversary with a themed band, selective music and perhaps costumes or period style dresses would bring nostalgia to the older members of the family and create memories for the younger generation.

It crosses the lines of those generation lagoons with exotic, amazing and fun possibilities.

Generation of Big Band Era Greatness

Perhaps the eloquence and the charm of the romance of the grandmother’s tails and top hat, a gardenia for the grandmother and the smoky mystery of a moonlit night would invite nostalgia to exist again? After a regalia, parties on the islands and a day of celebration, returning to the dance of the night to celebrate the anniversary of a more friendly era. A night of romance …

Cool the champagne for the enchantment

Whether you celebrate anniversaries at the last hot dog stand of Custer each year, or The Knob by candle light, you need to plan a special event for that lovely anniversary (the one with a special number). Prepare the stage with champagne elegance and a candlelit dinner. And bring the band.

Dance the whole night

Nothing brings romance like a dance under the stars. You want this memory. You will need this time together as the years go by. Celebrate with your favorite songs. And dance until the cows come home …

We do not celebrate big anniversaries long enough! Each generation benefits from the reminder that anniversaries matter, and celebrating them with a planned event, big bands, dance bands or bands, as well as memorable moments throughout the day, of the years that have passed, should be a requirement. Plan your event and fill it with memories and music. Anniversaries