Many women want to know, “what is the appropriate behavior of dating for a Christian woman? What to do and what not to do to have appointments while you are saved? “If you’re still thinking about this, I’d like to personally give you a maximum of five and a hug just for asking this question.” Your curiosity about this problem simply means: you care about two things: your relationship with God and your relationship with your friend.

Unfortunately, there are not enough women who think that way. Many believe that being a Christian does not necessarily mean that you should have standards that differ from the world when it comes to a date. “Why can not I go out and have fun?” they say. While there is nothing wrong with having a good time, I really believe and with all my heart that firm standards for your relationship are a necessity. Why? Because, as God fearing women, everything we do must maintain a godly standard. We must always consider where we are going, what we do, what we see and with whom we relate.

For example: Being in the wrong atmosphere with a man can easily change things in the wrong direction. If he is inviting you to see a movie that you know is full of inappropriate scenes and at 10 p. M., Your red flag should appear immediately. For many women, this exact scenario has resulted in a trip home with tearful eyes and a prayer that begins with: “Lord, what have I done?” Today I share with you how you can avoid such difficulties by recognizing what is and what is not appropriate.

Even if you enjoy healthy movies with that special person, you may want to see them during the day and in an appropriate environment, not only. Be honest with yourself. If on the day you are scheduled to watch a movie, you feel Really Attracted by him, do not do it. You do not want to prepare for failure. Remember the scriptures James 4: 7, what does it say “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

What about romance?

Romance seems to be the most important question when it comes to dating. Can we have romance? Should we want the romantic treatment of the boys when we are single? Well, here’s the scoop, ladies.

If you are dating a boy who is naturally romantic; who constantly makes things sweeter to win their affection, make sure their intentions are pure. Of course, some guys are naturally romantic. You know, the guys who know how to dine with their women with elegant gifts, dozens of roses, chocolates, bears, jewels … I mean, the works. And that is sweet. But, once again, make sure your intentions are not to defraud inappropriate situations. Most men are smarter than we give them credit for!

And, if you are in a vulnerable moment and you are bathing with these beautiful samples of love and affection, you can get caught up in that and feel that you owe something. I urge you not to feel that way. Instead, thank him. Be firm with a standard of purity in your relationship with him, and make sure he knows he can give you all the gifts he likes, but you will not give in to any inappropriate thanks.

The green Zone:

I like to call the Green Zone fun and safe places that you must take into account to enjoy them in a healthy way. You do not have to go to church every Friday night with your partner. There are many appropriate places for Christian dates.

Consider a quiet walk through the park. This is the type configuration that facilitates the conversation. There are no surround interruptions. No chat among strangers in the background. Only you two with the opportunity to get to know each other better. And you know how women love to talk!

And if you’re not the outdoors type, consider an indoor activity like golf indoors. Enjoy a good cup of coffee or pastry in a cafeteria. Walk around the mall if you like to go shopping, that way you can give some “tips or suggestions”, as I like to call them.

There are many other places that do not involve drinking, or hanging out in clubs or casinos. Just because you’ve grown up, does not make everything right or is suitable for Christian dating.

The Red Zone:

The red color comes in use for many reasons and, usually, it is for warning signs such as the stop sign. In this case, the Red zone They are for the places and situations that you should consider avoiding.

While people think that going to dance clubs is harmless, I allow myself to disagree. After having experienced that lifestyle on my own, I can tell you firsthand that there is nothing there that can help or improve your relationship. It is full of drinking, smoking, vulgar music and lascivious dancing. And really ask yourself this. Why would you want to take your man to a place where women are lurking?

In fact, many will try to seduce him directly in your face. For obvious reasons, mark this as a state of the Red Zone if it ever appears in a conversation. The same applies to bars, casinos and any other place where temptation follows you on the sidelines.

It is safe to say that, of course, you can have a quiet dinner, even if accompanied by a soft jazz band. But, remember what your standards are. It is much better to go straight home than to regret your commitment the next morning.

Always keep the standard of purity and holiness in everything you do, including dating. In that way, you will have a clear path to love, without lust taking over.