Many wedding anniversaries mark important milestones. The first is always special, and very often the couple still has something of the honeymoon about them when they reach a year of marriage. We tend to measure significant time periods in multiples of five, so the fifth anniversary can also be considered more important than at least three of the four that precede it. A decade of marriage is the first of the “big” celebrations, and from now on key anniversaries tend to be marked with extended family and friends, whereas before this, a couple can receive cards but the day’s mark is really yours. Being married 25, 40, 50, 60 and even 70 years or more is a great thing.

Just as the marriage of 25 years was associated with silver through a German medieval tradition of presenting the wife with a silver crown, 50 was marked with the presentation of a golden crown. Gold, although it is a soft and malleable metal, is also durable. It does not oxidize or oxidize in the air, and is one of the least reactive metallic elements. This sense of permanence and an immutable nature is the reason why it is traditionally used in wedding rings, to symbolize an eternal union.

Silver anniversaries at age 25 can be marked with a renewal of vows, a big party for family and friends, a second honeymoon or a holiday of your life, or even all of the above. The same goes for the golden wedding. However, at this time in a couple’s life, they can also have everything they already want or need. Gifts, therefore, become more of a challenge.

1. The Gift

The ring of eternity is a traditional gem that couples can exchange for their golden wedding anniversary. It goes with the symbolism of the occasion, honors the longevity of marriage and promises something similar for the future.

Gifts for a couple quite often look back on this anniversary. The nostalgic gifts of the year they were married, such as a copy of a newspaper of the same day, the albums that were popular at that time or a collage of photographs of the couple over the years are lovely memories and reminders. A bottle of vintage wine could be an especially special gift. There is also a type of rose called Golden Wedding that would be a beautiful permanent reminder and a tribute in the garden of a couple. It is a yellow rose, which is also the flower associated with the 50th wedding anniversary.

For US residents UU., It is possible to organize a greeting from the President to celebrate a golden wedding. In both Canada and Australia, a message can be organized from their respective General Governors and, in Australia, from the Prime Minister. Roman Catholics can receive a papal blessing for their 50th wedding anniversary, organized through their local diocese.

2. The celebration

In many cases, when a couple celebrates their golden wedding anniversary, there are several generations to mark the event. If you have had children, then there may be grandchildren or great-grandchildren too. What better excuse for the whole family to gather? With busy lives and very often geographically dispersed, it can be difficult for all members of a large family to meet at the same time. The date should be reserved well in advance to make sure it is in the journals, the travel arrangements made and the accommodation booked, if necessary.

A whole family reunion is also an opportunity for a portrait of the whole family. Book a professional photographer to capture images of the celebration. This will be a wonderful memory for everyone, not just for the happy couple.

3. The party

For holiday destinations related to gold, how about a cruise on the Nile? In ancient times, Nubia was an important gold producing area. It was located in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan and was centered on the Nile. The ancient Egyptians considered gold to be virtually divine as a representation of the sun and used it for religious purposes. The funerary art, like Tutankhamun’s golden mask, was made of painted gold. A cruise on the Nile to discover the treasures of Egypt, such as the Pyramids and the Sphinx, can be a holiday for a lifetime.

South Africa is a hugely significant gold producer. It is estimated that more than 50% of all the gold produced ever comes from South Africa. With many places to choose from, South Africa can provide any type of vacation you could wish for. However, it is Johannesburg, which is known as the City of Gold. It was founded in 1886 as a result of the Witwatersrand gold rush. Johannesburg would be an ideal base for a safari vacation. The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is only 45 minutes away, and in addition to the lions and rhinos, there are more than 200 species of birds that can be seen in the reserve.

Celebrating a golden wedding is an opportunity to remember the past, reunite the family and create more memories. Take the time to make it special.