You may not realize it, but there are certain things a woman should ask a man to establish the rhythm, limits and direction of a relationship. Women, who do not ask the right questions, always end up being entangled in a relationship.

A woman, who is chained, generally discovers that a man does what he wants, when he wants it without having too much in mind his wishes or desires.

But that is because she never clarified or asked, so he thinks that everything is fine and that she is happy, because she is not saying the opposite; and goes after his own wishes. This would mean that men, who want to use women, end up doing it; and men who want to take women for granted, end up doing it, etc.

That’s why it’s extremely important to ask the right questions from the beginning, so you do not get into a vicious circle where a man uses you as a door mat. In addition, the questions he asks help him to direct him to know what exactly he wants and to help a man give him what he wants.

Here are the 25 questions that every woman should ask a man:

1. What are your personal goals? YOU MUST KNOW what you want to do outside of a relationship, because you will want to do them. Most women stand in the way of a man’s personal goals, because they want all their goals to involve them. Accept that not all of your objectives involve you, since they were formed before you … and some simply will not involve you independently.

2. How was your childhood?– Knowing a man’s childhood is like having a key to understanding everything he does, because he will explain why he is the way he is. This is something that every woman should know from top to bottom.

3. What are your insecurities? – These little devils will come out of nowhere if you do not ask and you do not get any clarification. When they come to the surface, they usually ruin and destroy everything good, so it is something you MUST discuss and discover at the beginning, so you know how to handle it or if you are aware that it is only insecurity when it comes to the surface.

4. In what career are you interested? – This is an address that every woman should know, because it could involve moving away, or having to spend a lot of time at work, etc.

5. What do you expect from a relationship? – Not all ideas of a relationship are the same. It is good to clarify this from the beginning and discover what relationship really is for him.

6 What do you want from life? – This covers everything you expect to achieve from life, if that includes your career, a family, financial success, etc … in essence, they are all the main objectives you have for yourself until you die.

7 What can not you bear? – Imagine if you spend all your time doing everything you hate, because it never tells you? This is how 99.9% of relationships are, and that is why they fail, because women never know what they are doing wrong, and never discover what their man can not stand. It is good to know your limits here.

8 You want to have children? – Some couples never discuss this, so when one of the partners declares that they would like the children, they are surprised and tear apart when they realize that their partner never did. If you want children, and even if you do not, you should ask them if that is something they are willing or not.

9. How were your relationships gone? – The past of a person’s relationship can show you patterns in his personality. It is also good to know, to know if a man has not yet moved, if he has luggage, if it is the type of trap, etc., that is not something you want to know later.

10. What attracts you to women? – A general question that goes beyond the superficial. Everyone has their unique idea of an ideal partner; It is good to know what is really ideal and attractive for a man in the first place.

11. What expectations do you have of yourself? – The expectations of a man about himself will spread to all the others he finds, if they do not fall into those expectations; but, what is more important, a man’s expectations about himself can determine his reactions and actions towards many things.

12 What are your views on spirituality? – Religion is important for some, for others not. However, it is important to find out if your partner cares, and in what position they are, and if they can accept it in their life with the beliefs they have.

13 What do you expect from a partner? – What does he want from you? What do you need? What things are the most important to him, to a woman? What kind of things are you looking for from your partner?

14 Describe your family and friends? – Who are they, what is it about, how the family works, what kind of relationships are there, etc.? All of this shaped what it is today, and can shape your ideas about the kind of relationship you want. Get to know your family and friends.

15. What do you think about marriage and commitment? – We are reaching an era in which people are attracted to marriages and simply by dating. Some believe that it is better to go out and stay in a long-term relationship without marriage, because they believe that things are fine as they are. Others believe that marriage is the way. Some men, on the other hand, only believe in short-term relationships. It’s good to know where you are in the subject, so you can clarify where you are.

16. What is your sexual history? – It is good to know what was the sexual history of a partner, for obvious reasons of safety (STD); but also to understand how your partner sees sexuality and intimacy to begin with.

17 What role does a woman play in a relationship? – Find out what purpose you think you would fulfill in a relationship with him. For example, some men think that a woman should not work, is it something that she believes should be her function?

18 What is your financial situation? – Regardless of whether you are financially independent, you should know this. Finance supports a person’s way of life, so you should consider your overall financial level; because financial problems and even success can generate a lot of stress or problems for a man.

19 What is your position on intimacy and sex? – When do you think it’s okay to start intimacy? What kind of fantasies or desires do you have in that area? What is he waiting for?

20. What is loyalty to you? – Does he believe in monogamy? What is your idea of loyalty? What kind of loyalty does he expect?

21. How do you define love? – Some men may not believe in that, others may think that it is the only way. Some may say it is conditional, others say it is unconditional. It is good to know how a man defines love, because that sets the emotional rhythm of the relationship.

22 What are your worst life experiences? – Knowing where a man came from and how he got over it can show him where he plans to go in the future. In addition, there could have been life-changing events, traumatic events, etc., of which you must have knowledge, because now they can affect you depending on the severity.

23. What are your successes? – What are your best experiences, what have you achieved? These are things he has worked on, and he can show you where his interests lie, but also HOW he approaches things and how he wins.

24 What are your worst fears? – For some, it could be a compromise; for others it could be a bankruptcy. You must know what kind of things stop him or frighten him … since they can hinder everything if they arise or are triggered. Remember that they are your WORST fears.

25 What do you want to know about me? – Sometimes a man never asks questions, because he does not feel that the floor is open to ask. Let him know you can ask him anything, and be open to his questions without judging them or criticizing the things he is asking for. This question is important for a boy to know that he CAN get to know you and CAN know the things he wants, and there are definitely things he wants to know.